Achievements Specialist Company Ltd

Employment Service

Achievement Specialist Company (ASCL) has a long history and culture of quality performance and innovation, we’re a leading contracting and services company in the domestic market of Saudi Arabia. Our people manage, engineer, apply, and maintain highest standards and technologies that facilitate finding solutions and executing tasks more efficiently and safely and often in remote and challenging locations.

As the demand for EPC and Services increases so does our need for hardworking, fresh talent to meet the market growth requirements and challenges of today’s industry. We are proud to be an active recruiter in the market seeking the qualification and talents that that are most suitable for our needs.

If you are interested to join Achievement Specialist Contracting Company Ltd team, first read our list of active vacancies and send your resume in DOC or PDF format to our email ( with reference to the job posting that you are applying for. If you didn’t find the vacancy you’re looking for, then you can e-mail us your resume. We will review your resume, and should your candidature be approved, you will hear from us within two weeks.

If your resume for a particular job opening is declined, we will place it in the external cadre reserve and may review it again once we have an open vacancy that requires your skills and qualification.

By sending us your resume, be prepared to go through several selection phases:

  • telephone interview with a HR Department representative (required to determine the candidate’s motivation and clarify information provided in a resume)

  • interview and testing at the company’s office (personal interview with an HR Department representative to make overall assessment of a candidate and conduct a specialized testing to determine the level of his knowledge required for the vacancy he applies for)

  • interview with the line manager (to check professional knowledge and skills)

  • a second interview with the HR Department representative

Please, note that the number and order of interviews and the interval between them may change depending on the level of position sought.

In the course of interviews you’ll be provided complete information about your working conditions, compensation package and eligibility conditions for an employment offer.