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Attracting local talents

As part of the company's recruitment campaign, the management has been instructed to focus on the local competencies of Saudi's after testing their managerial and technical skills

The largest precast cleaning process is coming soon

We are currently preparing for the largest pricast cleaning process with total area of 35,000 square meter utalizing specialized equipment and chemicals  

New employees training contracts

After the impressive results achieved by the exterior glass cleaner team using the rope access Technique and their performance in all tasks (fast and safe), we signed again with IRATA company to train a new batch of employees, to reach the company's objectives of expansion and high quality and carry out new tasks such as maintenance of silicon and posters installation & removing  

ِِAll cleaning equipments renewed

We have lately replaced our cleaning, floor polishing and external window cleaning equipment with new models in order to assure improved performance and enhance delivered services and ultimately achieve full satisfaction of our customer

Recruiting new hospitality staff

Our company has recruited new qualified and proffissional Janitorial staff from various nationalities to accommodate the expansion of hospitality business after increasing the demand from 
our customers for this service

New Technology for Duct Cleaning

After detailed evaluation and study for the technology used in air Duct maintinance and cleaning and upon analysing our data and methods for handling Duct cleaning operation, we have sucessfuly signed agreement with Dan Duct Company (a Denish based Company) to provide us with the latest technology for Duct cleaning and suffecient training to deploy this new technology. This will be a milestone for the company as we will be the technology & market leaders in the area of utalizing ropotic and digital technologies in air duct maintinance & cleaning services. We have recently recieved 5 packages and they are being utalized with amazing results and very hugh satisfaction from our customer specially when compared to old and ensuffecient duct cleaning method.    

ISO 9001:2015

In recognition for our commitment to the highest standards of quality, we have been awarded ISO 9001: 2015 quality certificate after passing all qualifying standards and many thanks for all our employees and clients who contributed with thier experiance and high qualification to achieve this goal