AC Maintenance Agreement


We provide professional full range of services for all types of AC’s  under Annual AC Maintenance Service Agreement or Call Out Request.


  1. Annual AC Maintenance Service Agreement

We will perform a Major Inspection within 1 week of signing the agreement followed by 4 Quarterly Preventive Maintenance Visits. Moreover, we will pay additional visits to attend any Emergency Call during duty hours free of charge.   


Major Inspection:

Full inspection for all electrical and mechanical components of the AC unit followed by technical report and recommendations regarding the existing conditions and performance of the AC units.

Quarterly Preventive Maintenance Visits:

  1. Check & service all the Major components (Compressors, Motors, Belts, Contactors & Filters) 
  2. Clean Condenser & Refrigerator Coils by compressed air and water.
  3. Clean and/or Replace Air Filters as required (washable & disposable types)
  4. Replace all defected AC components (Spare parts will be provided by us at actual cost)
  5. Check refrigeration Gas Level and refill as needed
  6. Greasing all movable parts in the AC unit
  7. Repair water leaks

Our Charges:

One Year Maintenance Contract Charges (Minimum 4 Maintenance Visits)

Central AC (Package Units, Central Split & Concealed Type)

1-4 years old

4-10 years old

> 10 years Old

90 sr/ton

115 sr/ton

140 sr/ton

Mini Split  AC - up to 2 Ton/Unit

1-4 years old

4-10 years Old

> 10 years Old

200 sr/unit

280 sr/unit

360 sr/unit

Mini Split  AC - > 2 Ton/Unit

1-4 years old

4-10 years Old

> 10 years Old

250 sr/unit

350 sr/unit

420 sr/unit