Cleaning Your Water Depot & Tanks

As we are professional cleaning company providing all range of services for your home, we are pleased to provide Water Depot and Tanks cleaning services. Dirty home water depot and tanks are often a source of many health problems for you and your loved one at your home. It can cause a verity of health issues ranging from allergy, infections to poisoning and other serious health risks. All you need to do is just a call or fill in the online service request and we will be at your door step. We will;

  1. Flush out your water depot and tanks

  2. Extract out all dust, sand and any solid residues from your water depot and tanks

  3. Disinfect and decontaminate your water depot and tanks so that they are good as new and free from any bacteria that could cause infections or allergy.  


We charge 200 SR for each tank (Capacity up to 2 square meters) & 50 SR for additional square meters